Our Company

TherVoyant Brain

TherVoyant is a scientific software application development company based in Madison, Wisconsin.  Our expert leadership team
consists of executives, scientists and developers with a strong expertise in MRI imaging, neurosurgery and business strategy.

The TherVoyant founders recognized several key gaps constraining the adoption of minimally invasive, MRI-guided surgical procedures.  The initial source of inspiration was the desire by neurosurgeons for the high-quality information provided by MRI technology during a complex surgical procedure.

Working with a team of neurosurgeons, MRI physicists, and biomedical engineers, the first version of GuideRT was developed to provide image updates rapidly enough to be useful to the surgeon as he was inserting a catheter into the brain. The value of a comprehensive workflow guidance system quickly became evident. GuideRT provides the image display and organizational focus for the entire surgical and imaging teams.

At TherVoyant, we are dedicated to developing revolutionary Real-Time MRI guidance surgical software so surgeons can significantly improve the lives of their patients and offer new therapies in the areas of neurosurgery, oncology and new drug therapies.