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GuideRT is a revolutionary technology platform that offers an easy-to-use, Apps-based workflow interface to interactively guide surgical procedures.

Real-Time MRI means images are every few seconds, not minutes, for immediate feedback during surgery!

GuideRT is used for neurosurgery, oncology procedures and new drug therapies to improve surgical outcomes, improve patient care and lower overall costs.


GuideRT Allows:

  • Visualize, Control, Guide and Monitor devices, needle and catheter insertions in real-time
  • Pinpoint the location of tumors and brain structures, especially when tissues shift and no longer align with the pre-surgical plan
  • Deliver new drug therapies that require RealTime evaluation of the drug targets for optimal effectiveness: Measure the drug, not the delivery
  • Improve the accuracy and speed at which surgical procedures can be performed to improve patient outcomes.

Unique Features

Most surgical interventions rely on retrospective (prior) MRI images of the tumor or of the affected area needing surgery, utilizing sophisticated surgical planning software.  However, tissues often shift during surgery, which can compromise even the best surgical plan. Modern advanced procedures may require accuracy within one millimeter.

GuideRT Provides:

  • An easily configurable interface with onscreen workflows that integrate critical medical imaging technology seamlessly for each customer and procedure.
  • A view of the target, the surgical device, and surrounding tissue in real time, allowing for rapid adjustments to maintain the desired level of precision.
  • Real-Time MRI means live images every few seconds during surgery!

No other technology offers the speed of imaging and scanning capabilities like GuideRT.

How GuideRT Works: The “Apps-Based” Approach

GuideRT provides an easy-to-use interface that controls the operation of the MRI scanner using plugin-style “Apps” that integrates with various scanner functions, including specification of the aquisition pulse sequence, image reconstruction, data I/O and data storage. These interfaces are autonomous from the host MRI scanner which provides a seamless transition from one scanner to another. Learn More

Development Roadmap – Our Product Family

TherVoyant has several new products under development:

  • ObserveRT™ will provide therapy monitoring over time using any type of medical imaging device.
  • PredictRT™ will provide a sophisticated, validated prediction of drug infusion concentration, allowing therapy adjustments either ahead of time or during therapy to optimize tumor dosage.  Learn more