Development Roadmap

TherVoyantOur first application is GuideRT, an advanced technology platform that provides workflow Apps to interactively guide surgical procedures with immediate feedback using Real-Time MRI. Subsequent products will be built upon GuideRT’s platform and capabilities.

Products in Development:

ObserveRT provides longitudinal monitoring of therapy progress for any DICOM-compatible scanner (including MRI, CT, and PET).

PredictRT displays a high-quality validated prediction of therapeutic drug delivery in the brain using real-time measures combined with prior surgical plans. This will revolutionize neuro-oncology treatment, opening the door for a large group of drugs that were very effective at killing cancer cells, but were rejected because they do not cross the blood-brain barrier. Using new Convection Enhanced Delivery (CED) techniques, these drugs can be delivered with pinpoint accuracy. However, the effectiveness is negated if the drug does not remain in the tumor, for instance if it gets washed away through a nearby venous system. Drug delivery can now be observed and adjusted as needed to ensure optimal therapeutic effect.

At TherVoyant, we are dedicated to developing revolutionary Real-Time, MRI guidance surgical software and hardware so surgeons can significantly improve the lives of their patients and offer new therapies in the areas of neurosurgery, oncology and new drug therapies.