Andrew Alexander

Andrew Alexander

Andrew Alexander

Andy Alexander is a Professor of Medical Physics and Psychiatry at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. He leads a large and broad MRI-focused research program, with projects that advance basic imaging capabilities as well as disease-focused projects. He is a nationally recognized leader in diffusion tensor imaging (DTI), and has been working on projects involving real-time MRI for 20 years.

Dr. Alexander’s research has focused on applications of basic neuroimaging techniques for brain mapping, such as fMRI, DTI and white matter tractography, and quantitative MRI methods for characterizing brain tissue. He led one of the first groups to apply DTI and tractography for helping to guide neurosurgical tumor resections and to evaluate white matter following surgery. In 2009, Andy developed and applied MRI-guided procedures for planning, targeting, inserting, and monitoring the insertion of catheters into the putamen for evaluating convection enhanced delivery (CED) as a potential method for drug delivery into brain regions. With Dr. Sillay,  Dr. Alexander conceptualized the methods for real-time MRI-guided targeting for accurate device insertion. Dr. Alexander brings rich expertise to TherVoyant, including experience with conventional neuroimaging methods for preoperative brain mapping (structural, MRA, functional, DTI, tractography), and MRI methods for targeting and monitoring of interventional procedures.




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