Ed Barker

Ed Barker

Ed Barker

Ed Barker brings a wealth of experience in developing successful business operations in the medical imaging field, especially where partnerships between entities of widely varying size are necessary. Throughout Ed’s career, he has taken advantage of new technical capabilities to create new business opportunities.

Ed Barker started working for GE in Europe in 1977 to start up direct sales of CT scanners, and subsequently spent 8 years with Philips Medical Systems as marketing manager for CT and MRI. He then formed a partnership to sell CT and MRI imaging services to hospitals in New England, which culminated in taking the company public. He worked for several other medical device manufacturers, including Instrumentarium Imaging, Inc. as General Manager of US operations; BioChem Pharma as General Manager; R2 as International Sales Manager to market Mammo CAD and a Lung CAD system; Confirma, marketing a MRI Breast CAD system; and Median Technologies, Inc., as General Manager US operations to market a lung CAD system. Several of these positions culminated in selling the company or division. Ed is proud to say that both the buyer and the sellers received a fair and profitable return in each of the deals he negotiated. Since 2008 he has worked with several companies in a consultant capacity, mostly in the area of business development. Ed Barker has been the CEO of TherVoyant since 2013.




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